Some companies show up and then disappear due to economy or liability or improper management.

Our vision is to take care of the customer and exceed their expectations.

This desire mixed with passion will ensure that were around for a long time.



TMC believes in the Saving Grace of Jesus Christ.

This company started from preaching on the radio and learning about radio and towers.

This is why at TMC we don't allow Alcohol or Drugs or illicit behavior during the entire trip or job.

Just ask an employee when you see one.


We started out painting towers and we do a lot of it. But over the years we have become much more than painters.

Now we handle every aspect of tower maintenance. For the painting work please see site below.

Take a look at:  



-Tower Maintenance

- Tower Painting

- Tower Lighting

- FM Antennas

- AM Towers & Grounding

- Erection

- Inspections
- Foundations

- Guy Wire Changes

- Tensioning


TMC believes that family should come first, we all know how tough traveling across America can be on family.

That is why we are in such demand, we stay at one or two crews and come home regularly to ensure families stay together.

So sometimes you may have to wait a little while before we can get to you.