TMC loves to paint towers, and we have painted for every owner in the industry.

NBC, FOX, PBS, CBS, ABC, ClearChannel, UniVision, Cumulus, NextMedia and the list goes on...

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TMC specializes in the installation of all types of antennas. We have installed ERI, Jampro, Shively, PSI and many others.

From 0 degrees in Winter to candelabra mounted installs , we can meet your need and exceed your expectation.

From small Two-Way and STL to side mounted TV antennas and 10 Bay FM's.


Owner: Robbie Hulett

Phone: 912-309-9422



Tower Maintenance Corporation


Whatever goes up, will come down. 

Unless, it is maintained and has an ongoing maintenance plan.

We have seen our share of rusty towers, guy wires, cracked foundations, damaged grounding, deteriorated lighting fixtures.

No matter your problem, we have a solution.

We enjoy stacking new steel and enabling you to create business whether it's Broadcast, Two-Way or Cellular...

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